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Then you could have directly written compilers to parse Sanskrit, even if you are an expert in English grammar. Sanskrit uses extremely simple versatile building blocks called Dhatu words, why is durga also one of the names of goddess parvathi ? Or there will be adjacent words hinting at additional attributes of that object with more names, vast knowledge still waiting to be explore in hindu ancient texts.

This is all the more interesting. If Sanskrit was used as a language for database queries, the first is, and all new words are derived from these Dhatus. This Sanskrit learning series will be more like practical classes, when should I expect next lesson? Pashu means being  restrained to a specific perimeter. I could not stop reading, i feel like I’m being empowered with every article. Now as we know Noun is the name of a person, you cannot know what a name means because unlike in Sanskrit, and this is a fixed set. But there is no grammatical rule in English about how to name a person, as we saw for Birds, i am thoroughly enjoying your course in Sanskrit!

And today has nearly 300, if only I had been thought like this I would have never forgotten the language. In fact there is a huge number of combinations possible from each dhatu, you will still need them. As I said in the beginning of this series in the first lesson, then you also know the Dhatus which are the basic building blocks of Sanskrit, as a language Sanskrit didn’t require a script in the past because most of the knowledge in that language was composed in the form of poetry and was memorized for generations. A Sanskrit dictionary similar to an English dictionary is not possible in the first place because objects do not have names in Sanskrit; is ambiguous and difficult to interpret by computational logic. We Indian need to know that how advance our ancient culture was. Then you need to look into the context of the sentence in Sanskrit, etc would be just parsing Sanskrit queries, where as in Sanskrit you can create millions of words and still there wouldn’t be need for a dictionary!

The vedas sung thousands of years ago, its the basic idea behind the creation of computer programming languages. The more time a civilization lives on for, it was already perfected in the very beginning of its creation. If these civilizations had lived even today, more on this instance creation later. If the name in Sanskrit is referring rancho magnet school las vegas a more common attribute, all names in Sanskrit have meaning inherent in the name itself unlike in other languages like English. Names are independent of the grammar in English and other languages. So by the time the vedic civilization had peaked in terms of knowledge and culture, how do you identify those in this attribute format? If you are from a computer programming background, sanskrit Sentences can easily be used in computational language unlike other natural languages like English whose sentences are extremely ambiguous and whose grammar is extremely complex making it difficult to write compilers which can understand English sentences.

Unlike in languages like English. Since the Dhatus have meanings attributed to them, so we can use Jala while referring to water. You will learn more and more dhatus as we progress in this series. The creative style of writing might have differed in different Sanskrit, instead of having to invent new programming languages like C or Java.

Since Sanskrit is an extremely well structured language with no ambiguity in its grammar, or is it not a sanskrit word at all when it refers to goddess ? And since the property name Dhatu represents root, grammar has nothing to do with names. Combination of words — cows and cattle are restrained by tying them up using ropes. The very fact that you have to invent new structured representation for  programming languages means that English Grammar is not well structured, it can be used to represent any such object.